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BUT – these group date nights take a LOT of work to plan.Lucky for YOU, The Divas have done all of the hard work already!

The incredibly talented Alexa Zurcher from Alexa Zurcher Designs made our vision for this pack a total reality – we couldn’t have done it without her!

You have to check her stuff out – we adore her, and everything in her Etsy shop is absolutely gorgeous. It includes bucket-loads of tips and tricks on how to host a mystery party!

For this at home date idea, you need to have 12 players…and it can be a lot of work to keep all of those people straight!

To help you prep the party and tame the mayhem, we’ve included some handy-dandy charts.

These will help when making character assignments to your friends and sending out the invites, so you can keep track of who you assigned to play each role.

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