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(Gloucester) 4" x 4" sv Single with enclosed crankcase and Meyer expansion valve. Current engine and boiler fitted 2002 Owner: Mats Silvertson Area: Norway Hull moulding shipped to Hong Kong by a previous owner but returned to UK untouched.

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Sold to present owner Mats Silvertson in November 2011 - Kragero, Near Brevic, Norway Owner: T. Kane Area: USAHull originally fitted with diesel engine.

Re-engined winter of 1990/91 with a Stuart 6A built by owner. Re-boilered winter of 2003/4 with a VWT boiler similar to ‘Illingworth’ but with coiled generator tubes and a ‘Water Wall’ designed and built by owner. Taken to France every Summer since 1990 where she has steamed more miles than in U. Has only failed to get home under her own steam on one occasion. Website: Area: UK-Chiltern New to builders as passenger launch, with 6½" + 6½" x 7" Seeking engine.

Area: UK-South West Built 1988/89 from a Rupert Latham moulding and hull kit. Originally fitted with ‘Swan’ engine and an ‘Illingworth’ boiler from ‘Finch’ built by Raymond Vallings.

Owner: Royal Naval Museum Area: UKNew to Admiralty, 1916 converted to Admiral’s barge. Steam plant fitted at Gosport, first re-steamed Sept 1984. Steamed several years, sank at moorings, acquired for preservation.

1930 duty boat at Netley Hospital, c 1946 sold out of service, c 1955 steamed to Thames, named TRELEAGUE, converted motor, various owners.

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