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They don't try to out do each other with the I-Can-Top-That stories. I pray they will always be the best of friends and depend on and watch out for each other.

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Because of this, his plans sometimes backfire, but it teaches him lessons that he includes in the guide.

Since he was eight years old, his dream girl has been Suzie Crabgrass, but in the series finale Moze and Ned end up dating.

He usually turns to Gordy, the school's janitor, for advice. Jennifer Mosely (Lindsey Shaw) is Ned and Cookie's best friend.

These two are the best of friends and have been since they were knee high to grasshopper. On the way to the Splash Pad The Boy Who Did Not Talk(much) told Graham Cracker about how we went to play at a nearby lake the day before. Along the way the boys were discussing their favorite subjects in school which are P. "One day, I picked up a harmonica, put it to my lips and blew.

Tonight The Boy Who Did Not Talk(much) and I picked up cousin Graham Cracker and headed to the local splash pad. After shutting down the splash pad we got back in the car to head back to G's house. "But if they had more harmonica in Music, I'd like it more," G announced.

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