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Through it all however, Chris cannot help thinking about Nola Rice, a struggling American actress who he meets at the Hewett estate and who is Tom's unofficial fiancée.

There are moments in a match when the ball hits the top of the net, and for a split second, it can either go forward or fall back. Being a Woody Allen fan, I was just hoping the film would be OK and not a disaster like some of his most recent films. MATCH POINT is easily his best film since CRIMES AND MISDEMEANOURS and once of his best ever.

In his first foray out of Manhattan and into London, you would have thought he had lived there all his life.

This film is a masterpiece and is a sure bet to win critical acclaim and many awards.

A director is forced to work with his ex-wife, who left him for the boss of the studio bankrolling his new film.

But the night before the first day of shooting, he develops a case of psychosomatic blindness.

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