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Q: Auntyji, my girlfriend is always saying no to sex. Please tell me how to convince my gf to start having sex.

Raunaq (23), Ranchi Text: Auntyji Image: thinqkreations, we can never ‘convince’ anyone to have sex...

Aunty sex chat in english

Let’s go through some of them and see how boys try and convince girls and what that actually amounts to. Now let’s say you start the chat on sex with your gf. “Baby, if you love me, let’s have sex,” or “If you love me, you will never say no to me.” ? Then comes the other classic: “What is your problem, everyone is doing it, why can’t you?

Does she have to give you a certificate of her love for you? ” , these are plain and simple ways to bully your girlfriend, perhaps you could say even blackmail, in a nice way, but yes that is the word.

The rules of love So you see what I am saying, there is no way to ‘convince’ anyone to have sex, unless you are using some abusive, underhand or unkind means... Everyone has their own time and pace to be ready for sex – it is very possible your gf is not as ready as you are and well, you have to respect that - you don’t like it?

Well, too bad sir, these are the unwritten rules of lovemaking!

Yes, I agree that if she has sexual rights, so do you. The better way out is BOTH of you get ready and be ready, for all the fun and good times – hopefully – but also all the responsibility, the ups and downs that having sex also brings with it.

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