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On The Bachelor, for instance, no one is supposed to sleep with the guy until a week before the series finale, and maybe not even then.(On season 11 of Bachelorette, Kaitlyn Bristowe slept with one of the contestants during a trip to Dublin on week six, which caused actual outrage, due in large to the fact that no one traditionally has sex on the show until the finale.) Dr.Laura says that sleeping with someone on the first date is a no-no.

And say he told me he couldn't stop thinking about me—""Crissy," she sipped her coffee and stared at her laptop screen. Well, I mean, I used to jump into bed with some guys.

I literally had hundreds of first dates before I met David*."I literally heard her say this hundreds of times.

She'd been in the trenches of online dating in the 90s, when it was strange to use the Internet to meet anyone at all.

"So begins the pitch of almost every dating self-help book ever written. The next day, I drove five minutes from my 7-Eleven-adjacent apartment to her house, which was nestled atop a lush green lawn and a jungle of pricey looking plants.

This particular iteration of the question, however, came from the website of a Hollywood dating coach whom I'd found because she had posted on Craigslist seeking a "part-time writer" and "personal assistant." My boyfriend had dumped me that week—my first week after moving to Los Angeles—because we'd argued over Kanye West. This was a house that broken relationships and desperate single people built.

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