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This can be more than a job – it can be your future. It is incumbent upon me, therefore, to supply you with a more vivid and applicable understanding of who we are and where we are heading.Today, the Advantage is an eclectic mix of successful business ventures that range from retail to wholesale to brand development to IT services and enterprise software to restaurateur to consumer electronics repair services to installations to construction to fundraising to ecommerce to just about anything you can imagine building.We are here to teach you what being a merchant is all about.

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I hope to help you better understand our company and the singular role as a merchant that you will play in our success.

I have created a particular environment where everyone has enormous opportunity for advancement and personal equity – some of you will flourish in this environment and enjoy it, however, the Advantage is not for everyone.

At the Advantage, we learn from the past, live in the present, and build for the future.

Gnothi Seauton is inscribed in gold letters over the portico of the temple at Delphi.

Its authorship has been ascribed to Pythagoras and Socrates.

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