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And if I have an asterisk by my name that says Chely Wright, gay country singer, that’s cool. You’re running on adrenaline right now, but I lost everything.

You know Rosie O’Donnell has been an incredible friend to me She’s been through it all. She’s got so much hope and joy in her and such a positive outlook. Every time I get the chance to be around a group of out lesbians, I still marvel at how many people there are like me. I do need my community and I need them as much as they needed me and I love that you noticed that. You’re trying to figure out where to go on Christmas night. For the first time in my life, it was expected by our families that we would show up to everything together.

I don’t know how exactly I’ll get where I’m going, but that’s where my faith comes in. I focus on joy and positive things.” I know with the help of good friends like her I’m going to be okay. I have so many people when I do events who say, “Thank you for coming,” and I try on occasion to tell them, but I try to tell them that they don’t know that it’s salve for my soul too. In Nashville that does exist, but I didn’t even tap into that. You know, when you’re in the closet, the holidays are stressful.

I didn’t enjoy a secret underground network of secret keepers. I had my first holiday season in a relationship out in the open.

It’s such a joy to have such a great lady and the beauty of freedom reveals itself to me in a time release fashion. I’m still in it, so I can’t see what it looks like right now. I think having the benefit of not having the full time job of hiding off my back, certainly I have more free space in my head. But I never felt that inhibited being in the closet. I sang songs like Single White Female and Jezebel which were very straight songs, but I never felt like I was betraying myself. Every record I have made since 1994 has evolved, and I imagine there will be an evolution.

You know when you’re building a house and you’re on the inside and you’re putting boards up, sometimes you need to back up 100 yards and look at it and see. We’ll see when I make this new record how it comes out.

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