who is bryce wilson dating - Childless women dating fathers

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We are all free to make up whatever dating preferences we want.

They are called personal preferences for a reason and we don’t need the approval of anyone else when it comes to what we like.

However, there are a few things childless men should keep in mind when deciding whether they are ready to date a woman with a child, or children. Figure out if you like or want kids BEFORE dating a woman with children.

Men write me frequently to get my take on why Black women complain that they “can’t find a good Black man” or “can’t find a Black man on my level” when they are surrounded by educated, professional Black men. Why a guy, with all the outward appearances of a highly desirable catch (college educated, established, an “on point” Black man) would be passed over by women for romance and marriage. Them men I’ve come across the past couple of years are frustrated and angry at women for rejecting them. Because the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow they thought would be there isn’t.

The reward they believed they would get at the completion of their struggles to achieve financial stability, own their own home, become college educated, be a good guy and not dog out women, and establish a viable and legitimate career has not happened.

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