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My clients are smart women who are looking for a lasting relationship that leads to commitment and marriage.

While friends and family may want to support us, they don't always know how.

Maybe some aspect of your behavior or attitude is unintentionally driving good guys out of your life, but your friends feel it's kinder to say "you're perfect just as you are" or "the right man will love you as is."Your friends are right: You are perfect and deserving of love.

But you may not yet know how to reveal the best version of yourself on dates and in romantic relationships.

This is where an experienced coach can guide you in the right direction and support you through challenging situations.

Good coaching helps you make important shifts in how you attract and relate to men — without altering who you are. I look forward to hearing "When my husband left me two years ago I was completely shellshocked. I made every mistake you can make in that first year.

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