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Like younger Jews who leave the New York metropolitan area and find a different kind of Judaism, seniors find out that Jewish life is harder to come by — but often better — when you have to build it yourself.“Jewish life is what you make of it,” said Yaacov Rone, a Conservative rabbi who has worked on both coasts and just spent his third winter in Palm Springs.“There’s the time zone change, the no direct flights — many [East Coast] people see that as an obstacle.

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Y., to Scottsdale, Ariz., forced her to become more Jewishly active.

“The feeling you got was that we didn’t have to be Jewish in Long Island or New York — even the Italians were Jewish,” she said.

Siegel and her husband retired to Arizona, following their son, and she became “a temple person, rather than a Hadassah person” — two common avenues for senior Jewish women’s involvement.

Jean and Arnold Palestine are glad to be back home — an attached condo unit overlooking the craggy red mountains of the Arizona desert.

Having just returned from a winter visit to Florida, the octogenarian New Yorkers are pleased that they chose to retire to the arid Western desert in 1992, rather than move down south.

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