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2: postal administration mark for invalid stamps used on mail at country of origin. 5: see Confederate Postmasters' Provisionals.Ø: (Dan.) island. A.: Official Assignee, South Australia official overprint, 1868-74. Oahamapka: Finland Oakland Parcel Delivery: parcel delivery firm serviced Oakland, Calif. T: Onward Air Transport, continuance of conveyance by air. Oberbogen: (Ger.) the two upper panes in a sheet of four panes. Oberpostdirektion: (Ger.) (OPD) Regional Directorate of Posts. Obligations: bonds, debentures; revenue inscription on stamps of French Colonies. Obliterating bar: a mark used to make illegible an unwanted portion of a stamp design. Oddity: a collectible philatelic item that has unusual variations such as a different design, gum type, different color, odd or unusual cancels, etc. OE: auction abbreviation which indicates that a cover has been opened at the end or side. Palmerston Garage: United Kingdom postal strike; local post 1971. Parchment paper: hard, tough paper which is also glossy and transparent.

3: Ohio, pre-adhesive postmark 4: abbreviation for ordinary paper as opposed to other unusual paper or finish of a printed stamp. area; used labels; year unknown.Öarna: (Swed.) islands. Obali: currency in Ionian islands during British administration. Oberkommando der Wehrmacht: (Ger.) German High Command, censored mail. Oblique roulette: perforation cuts are set with a slant, parallel to one another. Obliterating stamp: a mark, with date or time indication, used to deface stamps on mail. Occupacion: (Sp.) occupation Occupacion (timbre d'): (Fr.) occupation (stamp). Oelsnitz/Vogtl.: city in Germany, Express-Packet-beförderung, local post. Palm stamps: common design featuring palm trees for colonies in French West Africa, 1906. Papir, Krideret: (Dan.) chalky paper, coated paper. Pardoes da Grand Guerra: inscription on Portugal and Azores for postal tax.

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2: inscription on stamps of Mexico for State of Oaxaca revenue issue during civil war, 1913-16, printed on back of post office receipt forms. Butler, BEP employees initials, 1906-1928; see Plate Finisher, Siderographer. B.: Official Business overprint on stamps of the Philippines. 2: abstempelung (Ger.); Oblitération (Fr.); Annullamento (It.); Matasellado (Sp.). Oblitération rond avec date: (Fr.) circular date stamp. 1: No.1, 1 centime lilac-blue, first stamps, Obock overprint on back of French Colonial issue, postage due stamp, 1902: Obock and Somali Coast protectorate combined under name of French Somali Coast; name Somali Coast Protectorate adopted on stamps of Djibouti; see Afars and Issas, Benadir, Djibouti, Oltre Giuba, Italian East Africa, Italian Somaliland. Obvert: a picture or header on the stamp sheet that is on the opposite side than then usual or normal sheet. OC-CO: letters in the four corners of a San Marino essay, 1864, for M. Occupacion de Pascua: inscription on stamps of Chile for semi-postal for Easter Island. OD: 1: Scott Catalog number prefix for Official Department (Argentina). Oesterr Post Liechtenstein: Liechtenstein, Austrian Postal Administration, 1912-20. Oeuvres de Solidarite Fran'aise: French Colonies general issue. PÃ¥lydende V¦rdi: (Dan.) nominal value, face value. Par Exprès Dépêches: (Fr.) express mail, expedited delivery. Paris Postal Conference: forerunner: see General Postal Union, Universal Postal Union.

_#9: occupation overprint on stamps of Russia for Batum. E: occupation overprint on stamps of Russia for Batum. Oblitération de complaisance: (Fr.) canceled to order, stamps canceled by postal authorities without having been used for postage. Oblitération de premier jour: (Fr.) first day cancel Oblitération en barres: (Fr.) barred cancel; with stripes. Obliterator: hand or machine stamp used to cancel an adhesive. Oblitéré: (Fr.) canceled, used, a stamp that has been employed for the postal or revenue service for it was issued. Occupation Fran'aise: (Fr.) overprint on stamps of Hungary, French Occupation, 1919, see Arad. OETA: Occupied Enemy Territory Administration; World War II organization to administer occupied territories, used stamps of Great Britain overprinted M. Oeuvres Sociales: with cross and surtax, overprint on St. OF Castellorisco: Occupation Fran'aise, overprint on stamps of France for occupation of Castellorizo, 1915. S.) (Nor.) inscription on stamps of Norway, official use. Oferta: (Inicial) (Sp.): first, or opening bid at an auction. PÃ¥lydende verdi: (Nor.) nominal value, face value (of stamps). Paris: 1: local provisional, France, 1944 2: local post, l'Agencie Lorin, 1871 3: local post, Moreau's Post, 1871Paris 1937: with no colony name, France Paris International Exposition: common design on stamps of the French Community of Nations, 1937.

OBHV: Osterreichischer Briefmarken-Händler-Verband, Austrian Stamp Dealers Association. Odense - Odense Local Post : Odense is a city and the capital of Fyn county in N central Fyn Island ca. Local post opened 1 February 1884, with " Odense / Bypost" local stamps being issued on the same day, and with several others being issued through 1887. 30, 1920: overprint for Polish consular post in Odessa, Russia 1941: Romanian occupation, local post. 1: No.1, 3 pence slate, stamps of India overprinted "Pakistan," stamps of India without this overprint were not accepted for mail, 1947, Nov. Pákistán: (Czech.) Pakistan Pakistansk: (Dan., Nor., Swed.) Pakistani (adj.). Palmenstempel: (Ger.) palm marking on German field post mail during WW II, used by the German Afrika Corps. Parcel post stamps: stamp issued to prepay parcel post fees; U. Parcel stamps, private: Great Britain, postage prepayment on packages used by private freight firms, 1821; railway companies were next to use this type stamp, 1846.

Occupation Fran'aise Cameroun: (Fr.) overprint on stamps of Middle Congo, French occupation of Cameroon. Oferta: (Iniziale) (It.): first, or opening bid at an auction. Offences Island: cinderella label, not valid for postage. Pamiut: now named Frederikshaab, Greenland Pamplona: local post, Spanish Civil War, Republican,1936-37. Paris prints: term for early Greek issues, identifying stamps printed locally and in Paris, 1861. Partially separated perfs: when a number of perforations are detached between two or more multiple stamps. Interim Administration in Kosovo, issued March 14, 2000.

Occupation stamp: 1: stamps issued for use in enemy territories by the conquerors. Occupazione Italiana: (It.) private overprint on stamps of Egypt for Italian occupation of Oasis of Siwa, 1942,occupation. Ocupatia Franceza în Arad: (Rom.) French occupation of Arad, see Arad. Off center: a stamp design that is not printed in the exact center of the paper, resulting in unequal margins around a stamp. Offences of Humanity: cinderella label featuring offences of the human body. Offices abroad: postal agency of one country in another, usually because of the poor local postal network; special stamps were usually overprinted for these offices, mainly from the country maintaining the office. Pamphlets & Newspaper: British revenue stamps for use in America, 1765-66. Park City Match Co.: see Private die match proprietary stamps. Partial original gum: unused with some original gum. Peace and Navigation: used for French overseas possessions from1892;engraved by E. Mouchon; aka the "Tablet"Peace issues: British Commonwealth countries issues to commemorate the end of the 1939-45 war. Peacock: royal emblem of Burma used as overprint on stamps of Burma during Japanese occupation of Burma, 1942.

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