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Healing the psych and the eyes, ears, touch, taste (including the food variety of artist)? But, a it may, Her name is Death and she is a healer. Have you seen where other religions are going and the similarity to yours?

Saying the name Death as a name and not a “word” feels softer even knowing what the word means. I can’t quite put my finger on it but it feels quieting and comforting. I believe I have come more firm in my convictions; more “knowing/wisdom” in my soul. I think though that my viewpoint has changed somewhat in the “what is diety” question. Can you see, as a result, the end of war for relgiousness sake?

It seems to make the meaning softer and easier too. Blessed Be, Raven Hi Everyone, Previously posted on My thought is that this forum is for clergy to discuss the question of “God/dess” within science or is it the melding of science with God/dess or the other way around. I have more hope in the world and the abilities of the consciousness of this planet to “do the right thing”. In other words, I feel we are all the same reaching for our ultimate reality.

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For many men, there is just something about a married woman that is more attractive than anything else.

Maybe it’s the way that so many of them seem to convey a sense of self esteem or confidence in themselves and their situation.

It’s the woman who’s not afraid to offer a passionate kiss, even though she’s just taken a bite of garlicky pasta.

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I’ve got a few (actually a lot) of prayer beads but have used all of them as “Affirmation Beads”.

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