www dating personals com - Dating and marriage rituals in china

At this stage, parents of the couple exchange family credentials as tokens of intention.

After much bargaining, the families come to a common ground about the amount of money and goods that would be part of the gifts to be given to the girl, by her family.

Once the engagement tokens are exchanged, the bride’s family is requested to choose amongst several auspicious wedding dates, suggested by the groom's family, the date for wedding as well as for presenting betrothal gifts.

Before the wedding, the Chinese bride is given some privacy, to be in the company of her close friends and lament over the separation from her family and friends.

While the bride sings song of lamentation, the groom installs a bridal bed on the day before the wedding.

An auspicious hour and a good luck woman or man, that is a man or women who has many children and living mates, is selected to install the purchased bed.

Wedding is an auspicious ceremony that unites not only two individuals, but their families as well.

Though wedding, as a ceremony, means the same in all religions as well as in all countries, it is the rituals that differ from one place to another.

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