Dating denise in gta san andreas

It's easily the most memorable mission outside the main story line involving Big Smoke.

All the effort of many previous missions comes down to this missions.

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Since this is a heist which involves many setup missions.

Stealing the 4 police bikes and getting the swipecard from Millie was hard though, but it was worth it since you have an awesome heist and the reward being $100,000 I like it cause of all the separate planning missions, I don't like the dating part though Madd Dogg's Rhymes - OG Loc I'm not all of the way through the game but I just finished this mission, very fun Detective mission, very interesting. It's all about stealth for a rhyme book Deconstruction - Garage I loved burying the guy in the toilet and destroying portables. Really good one great mission I love this mission..

Really funny mission, I also loved the schools, they were fun. Once there was a boy he was sexy Just Business - Big Smoke If me and Big Smoke share one trait, it's that neither of us have met a russian.

Black Project - Airstrip Though End of the Line is the most complete mission, if I had to choose ONE, this would be my choice.

This is just more fascinating than the final mission.

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