Dating dragonball pan trunks z

, but who are their look-alikes in the image above?

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Do you think Mai and Trunks actually become boyfriend and girlfriend? Do you think Mai and Trunks actually become boyfriend and girlfriend? Do you think Mai, Shu and Empire Pilaf become good and start training and become as strong as at least Cell or Frieza? The end of DBZ takes place 10 years after the end of the Kid Buu saga and GT takes place 5 years after DBZ (a decade after DBZ according to the funimation dub but that's impossible or Pan should have been an adult by now, which she isn't).

(Goku went only to Super Sayian 3.) When is the English Dub coming out? There is an inconsistency in this as Bulla is supposed to be older than Pan (she looks older in the last episodes of DBZ) yet in Battle of Gods it's implied she hasn't been conceived yet.

(Ability to use ki and fly, ext) LAST QUESTION: What would be the top 10 strongest main villains in Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT? Also, as SSJ4 and the whole of GT is non-canon, Goku we cannot expect it to ever appear in the future movie(s). The English dub will be released in theaters soon in the USA and Canada, starting from the 5th of August. 8) What is the power levels of Bills, Whis and Super Sayian God and Super Sayian 4 and Omega Shenron?

(So far.) (No other shadow dragons because they would take over the list.) (Also no enemies that turned good.) My Opinion: 1. Powerlevels have stopped being used after the Frieza saga due to how vast and useless they became.

If that's the case, Bulma should have been pregnant as well while Videl was pregnant, maybe even born yet.

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