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Schoolwork is piled up and i ave homework every weekend,most likely. (Because i'm asleep when she's writing)I haven't written in days. So here is what happened in the dream besides the basics.

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Also, I'm looking for someone to do some pixel art for me. Devious Journal Entry People who bully other people just because they feel has been happening to me recently actually it started yesterday but i decided to confront my ex about it since he is the one doing it.

Comment below if interested in helping me out Thanks.

L: its impossible for me to hate youyou just dont understand how importnt writing is to me.which is understandablei cant hate you for that reasonthats just cruel and mean R: nobody appreciates what I do. L: you just need to see itbut i dnt think you should tease me over something i love doing that saved my life in the 7th point of this journal entry is to tell you,you are appre Devious Journal Entry This upcoming week will be filled with nothing but exams, ending and future plans. But thats not what i wanted to talk to you guys about. it doesnt neccascarily havve to be ALL MAGIC but there is magic everywhere. Recently i've had major writers block but although i still have it i just started writing a sequel to my short story "Shadowing" I am very excited to announce that and.else is there.. Update: I've recentley came up with the name Marie Roxy or (Roxie, Roxey)Roxanne Roxleene Writing more. Check up the computer's situation: WHN2OGNa NFd2Z0k/view? 2k watchers ART RAFFLE (OPEN)//internal screaming We've hit 2000 watchers!! //v//To celebrate and show my gratitude I'm going give away free art through this raffle. There will be 3 different winners.1st Place:full illustration with background- single character Examples:2nd Place: Bust with background- single characterand 3rd Place: Head shot with simple background - single character Momilkie's OC Contest! The biggest and most expensive I will ever pay for in my life. ;u; The Goretober Challenge In the spirit of Halloween, I made a list for a one-a-day gore challenge for the scariest month of the year!

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