Dating terms 1st base

The date of the BYE for your claim can be found on the website under View Payment History.If you remain unemployed after the BYE date and believe that you had sufficient employment in the past year to qualify for a new claim, you must immediately file a new claim, either on our website or by calling the Telephone Claims Center.

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To file a combined wage claim in New York, the individual must have employment and wages in the base period in New York. A claim filed when the claimant traveled daily from their residence outside New York State to their employment in New York State.

The claimant must look for and be available for work in the New York labor market.

These claims are usually filed from the "border"states of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

You must be prepared to start employment immediately and be physically and mentally capable of working to receive benefits.

You must actively seek any work for which you are reasonably fitted by your previous training and experience and which you are capable of doing.

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