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Since most video games with a strong emphasis on narrative are voice acted these days, that amount of dialog would be unheard of in a modern game (to say nothing of modern gamers’ tendency to skip cut scenes or story elements in order to jump into the action).

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I’ve run through the game five times at this point, and that refrain is never far from my head, especially during my weekend workshops.

If you want to get some really shifty answers out of a seduction teacher, ask him how someone can change from weird. I mean those people who are borderline Asperger’s or autistic or verging on sociopathic.

I don’t mean weird like you’re a special individual, and you know your personality is a special song that only you know how to really sing. I have a psychiatrist friend who swears up and down, “You can’t fix asshole.” (which is close to the assertion of psychiatry regarding psychopaths/sociopaths: their lack of empathy is incurable so far as we can tell). When I was 18 I was opposed to pre-marital sex and wrote tracts about binary morality.

I’ve replayed it four times through the years, and it always astounds me how smart and insightful it is, even ten years after its publication.

At the game’s start, you wake up on a slab in the mortuary, and your only lead as to how you got there (and why you’re alive at all) comes from a tattoo that a floating skull named Morte reads off your back.

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