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“I answered yes and left with an Adderall prescription.It was that easy.” Michelle started taking the pills daily, as prescribed, and a month later landed her dream job working for a well-known Manhattan publicist.“I felt like a superwoman: I was working 11-hour days and then going to work events three or four nights a week, but Adderall gave me so much energy, I barely noticed the long hours,” she says.

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She’d put on about that many pounds in college, so she was psyched to find herself fitting into clothes she’d worn in high school.

“The quick weight loss was a surprise—the icing on the cake.

The pills wiped out my appetite and made me feel incredible,” Michelle says.

One Adderall pill was enough to convince Michelle* that the drug was amazing.

“I was trying to get out of going to a bar with my friend—I was tired and didn’t feel like it.

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