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way of getting your new content in front of people.

On the other hand, especially tech savvy people preferred full length RSS because it was easier to read.

In fact, I think a lot of people who still use RSS still prefer full length RSS. Using our Google Analytics plugin we’ve been tracking RSS click throughs to our site for several years now and that statistic tells a tale of steady decline slowly going to zero: Feed Burner, which I used to love with a passion died quickly when it was bought by Google and in the last few days I’ve actually, finally, made the move off of Feed Burner to Feed Press, which is a rock solid replacement.

It shows us as having around 12,000 RSS subscribers.

If you consider we had just 2,340 clicks from RSS last month (which is less than 0,5% of our traffic), you could argue that 12,000 RSS subscribers doesn’t necessarily help us much, but we honestly also don’t really know because we don’t know who read our posts. At the same time, RSS is not without its dangers from an SEO perspective.

Scraper sites have been feeding (pun intended) off of RSS feeds for years, pulling in all the content and republishing it in the hope of ranking in the search engines with that content.

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