tough dating questions - Error updating a list item unknown error

dans Entity Structure Wrapper-get Property Info() (ligne 297 dans /data/Informatique/www/d7-dev/sites/all/modules/entity/includes/'s a post looking like this error : I don't know if it is the same cause.Moreover, just after the creation of a product type, when I click on "Save and add fields", I've these notices displayed : Notice : Undefined index: bundles dans commerce_line_item_entity_property_info_alter() (ligne 93 dans /data/Informatique/www/d7-dev/sites/all/modules/commerce/modules/line_item/commerce_line_inc).

error updating a list item unknown error-11

dans Entity Structure Wrapper-I'm seeing the exact same thing with beta2.

This was on a new install of 7.0 with no nodes created.

No other modules had been added/enabled other than those necessary for commerce. I tried reinstalling (ie, I dropped the database from SQL, recreated it, and re-ran the install script) and ran into the same behavior immediately.

config : D7 Commerce 11/02/13 dev version Dependancies 11/02/13 dev version Product type created with the Commerce UI, no field added. The problem occurs when I click on "delete" in the products list.

Regards, Tahiti Clic Some users found that this error occurs when the commerce_product field is missing on the Line Item Type called Product.

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