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As co-stars, they had lot to discuss about their current project and are thought to have developed feelings for one another as they both shared same goals of helping out in the success of the drama.

One broadcast insider commented, "Oh Yeon Seo and Lee Jang Woo are currently meeting well.

I think they got close having met often to film their daily drama.

With the outbreak of the news, the representatives of 'We Got Married' are at a loss of what to do at the moment.

One staff member remarked, Currently, all eyes are on whether Oh Yeon Seo will be withdrawing from the show.

Jang Shin-Young is wonderful and most beautiful actress I have ever seen. It has been one of the most MEMORABLE dramas I have ever seen.

The Eunjung-Jangwoo couple on We Got Married recently made heads turn with their authentic PDA on the show.

Lee Jangwoo planned a date with his waifu, Eunjung, who was suffering from a leg injury.

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