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I worked out an agreement with my manager (and my manager's manager) about my work hours.

We agreed to a 7am to 3pm work day, Monday through Friday. Recently, my manager was approached by our HR department that I *HAD* to take a 30 minute lunch break.

I was under the impression that Texas does not have any state laws requiring mandatory lunch breaks.

My manager and her manager replied back to the HR group that my hours would be 7am to pm, and they told me privately, that I could take my lunch at 3pm.

The HR group found this out and are now saying that I cannot take a lunch at pm.

To note - there are others in my organization that work flexible hours - monday through friday 9 to 5pm, a few others working monday through friday 7 to 3pm, as well as those working monday through thursday 9 to 5 with no work day on friday (their total hours are 32).

We are in a small company - about 75 people in the organization.

Is there any state or federal law that mandates a 30 minute lunch break for exempt employees?

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