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What is it that they do that most of the rest of the world does not?Have they discovered some magic elixir of life that is unknown to the rest of us?

Located less than 50 miles from the Peruvian border, Vilcabamba has over the years has also been variously called: "The Isle of Immunity for Heart Disease, The Land of Eternal Youth, The Valley of Peace and Tranquility, and The Lost Garden of Eden." It has been given these labels because, as one writer put it, "the valley's solitude, serenity, clean air, dazzling sun, nearly constant blue sky, pure mineral drinking water, medicinal herbs, green fields, towering mountains, friendly people, lack of illness, and a kind of ubiquitous beauty that penetrates to one's soul and provides a sense of well-being".

I was a little stout when I was pregnant with our son, Russom Jr., and after he was born, I lost sight of this.

But it was seven years ago and I was able to stay in pretty good shape just watching what I eat and normal household chores.

Countless generations ago this beautiful valley was where the ancient Inca rulers came to renew and refresh their health.

The indigenous ancestors of the Inca people had inhabited Vilcabamba for centuries, and yet few outsiders had ever found their way into this secluded Andean valley.

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