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Mitch Grassi is a famous ballet dancer whose instructor makes him want to disappear. Dan’s last owner had beaten and abused him, so Dan is reluctant, but Phil shows him that not everybody is going to be mean to him and hate him, some people love and care for him. As It Is' first year on Warped Tour was their big break.

What was supposed to be a tour full of screaming vocals and meeting excited fans takes a turn when Patty meets a roadie who goes by the pseudo, Cobain.

As the tour progresses through each and every date, Patty and Cobain get closer and closer and develop something more than Patty ever thought could happen within 53 days. But what he don’t know is that he is the one who is going to be pranked.

Alfred and Arthur are Gamers/Youtubers and occasionally read fanfiction about themselves to their viewers. ”Jc is not a very good prankster but when it comes to the revenge, he’ll have to try. Set before Never Been Kissed for an alternate first meeting!

If you're a fan of sissies, crossdressing, femboys, and futanari then you're in the right place~ (I do not own nor did I create any of the pictures on my tumblr, unless stated otherwise.

If you own any pictures on here and want them removed please notify me) .

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