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OLOIZIA: The first Frames record that I bought was , and you could hear the songs really being stretched out.

Is cutting a studio record something you enjoy, or would you skip the process altogether if you could?

HANSARD: I absolutely adore the alchemy of a bit of an idea.

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These are guys who are way beyond my capacity—not necessarily as a songwriter or a singer, but purely as a musician.

A couple of guys on here are from Bruce [Springsteen]'s band, and you know, David Mansfield's toured with Dylan.

You're just going to yourself, "I'm here in way over my head," and yet, there's something about standing in a room full of people like that that makes you get the fucking thing finished. And I feel like New York is the greatest city in the world for that, because it's a city of excellence.

, blossom from an indie film with limited distribution into a full-blown Broadway production that took home eight trophies at last Sunday's Tony Awards.

Even for Hansard, the humblest of interview subjects who began his career busking on the streets of Dublin nearly thirty years ago, this is just cause for reflection—if not self-congratulation.

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