Insufficient key column information for updating or refreshing I want video sex chat without regstraion and without payment

Punc, Tbl Marks.atten," & _ "Tbl Marks.uniform, Tbl Marks.behav FROM SPINF INNER JOIN Tbl Marks ON " & _ "SPINF.

Any queries that are used for editing should include the Primary Keys.

You can set that up in the database itself (exactly how depends on the database system, but it is generally in the table design, and will be explained by the help).

Record Count = 0 Then Msg Box ("Report card not generated yet.please contact the class teacher") End If Database tables should have a Primary Key, which is a field (or combination of fields) that is guaranteed to be unique for each row.

Dear Tim, We are truly sorry that you have encountered such a problem.

However, this information isn't sufficient to precisely identify its cause at present.

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