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In an interview with TV Guide, Kyson spoke about the character in Season 2, and his promotion from a recurring character to series regular.He also spoke about the possibility of Ando obtaining a power, saying that, “I fully embrace him as an ordinary mortal,” but mentioned that, “I do want to get in the mix a little bit.

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Ando did not believe that Hiro could manipulate space and time, even after Hiro teleported into the women's bathroom of a bar.

After the incident, he told Hiro to stop trying to be different and accept his lot in life.

When Hiro returned from the future in "One Giant Leap," he convinced Ando of his powers and Ando then traveled with Hiro to America to prevent the explosion from occurring. ” comic book they went to Las Vegas and visited a casino, where Hiro used his powers to cheat at gambling.

Joan Chong Chen is a Chinese actress, film director, screenwriter and film producer.

as an employee at Yamagato Industries, Ando is a partner to his co-worker and friend Hiro Nakamura on various quests to save the world.

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