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i love you sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much Dwight n i really dont want to loose u so plz dont do it again !!!

n then mom n dad got home so Dwight Chris n me walked up to woodward where i met up with JR... *:) ***P-e-A-c-E*** Ok im not in a hurry so i can say the rest of what went out to dinner wiht Megan.. N her moms friend...n omg it was so funny..was in Farmer Jacks n i had like this lotion shit..n i opened it but i didnt think it would squirt out n so i squeezed it n the shit went EVERYWHERE ...looked like sperm to me n megan were laughin so hard i just about pissed my pants lol but omg shit was funny as hell...n then at the resterant.waiter was a guy...n at big boys they have this lil card thing n it says you can leave comments on it for the waiter so me n megan put her number n i wrote hott ass waiter on it n then i put Dawn's lip stick on n kissed it twice..n so when he got it he was all He Yy..for the comments n he winked..that was funny to means mom was crakcin was funny..after that i got dropped of at *Dwights* house n yeah shit happened from there..(dont need to go into detail lol) but yeah um..Dwight n chris are here now so i gotta ttyl lyl byebye He Yy i havent updated this in a while lol but yeah lastnight was really fun..i stayed the night at my *b Ay Bii'S* house lol we didnt go to bed till like 830 am but got up at fuckin 10 lol but it was fun...

Then on *Sa Te Rd Ay* :) Dwight n Chris came over n we walked up to woodward to meet up with Megan n Elisha but we coudnt find them so we walked back to my house where Chris talked to maggie n then met up with her so me n Dwight did our thing :) ... Dwight walked home n me elisha n Chis all hung out wiht Nick D.. Damacious..n ben for a was fun.yeah thats all i really did today so yeah ima go ttyl byeybe I l Ov E y Ou *b Ay Bii!

then megan n elisha left so at like 10 Chris n Dwight walked me home .. i love them hehe ..out wiht my baybii chris n elisha for while today...n when elisha was out shoppin Chris n Dwight was makin fun of me n they was laughin bout all these things n they wouldnt tell me what pissed me off lol..after we had to leave..(sorry Dwight..sorry chirs)..

The selfish part of me needs for you to stay 'Cause girl you keep a smile stretch across my face And I would give anything now But you would lose everything now The way your lips move when you say my name The smell of your hair on my pillow case And I would give anything now But you would lose everything now If I'd had it my way, I'd never let you walk out the door And my heart is heavy with something That I just can't ignore Girl, I'm sitting here wondering what it is that we've done Baby who am I to be that other guy?

'Cause I've seen tables turned, a world of hurt I never want to feel twice I know what it's like from the other side So baby who am I to be that other guy?

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