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brings Gloria the promise of singing at his service, but the Sloans don't approve, nor are they anxious to have Mike's pregnant war bride hanging around. Season 1, Episode 3October 1, 1991Families and friends regroup after a funeral; doubts spring up between Sarah and Hank; and racial troubles spring up over a newcomer.

Season 1, Episode 2July 28, 1992The funeral of war casualty Mike Sloan Jr.

Season 1, Episode 4October 8, 1991Hank and Sarah's wedding day isn't without its disasters, including a broken water heater at the Metcalfs' and unrequited love for Jeff and Ginger.

Season 1, Episode 5October 15, 1991Jeff tries to forget Sarah by dating someone new; Ginger harbors regrets, as does Mike Sr.; Abe and Gloria swallow their pride.

Season 1, Episode 6October 29, 1991Robert is left for dead as racial hostilities mount at the plant, where Linda looks into safety hazards in the workplace.

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