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There are other signs and symptoms and […] Pay-per-minute phone services that were very popular in the 80s and 90s.

There were inherent flaws in this system that eventually led to a decline in popularity, partially as a result of problems the companies faced. If you have been noticing a few oddities here and there when it comes to your phone bill, then someone could be doing more than just sniffing around.

In the past few years, there has been a revival in these types of services thanks to innovative companies […] I was of late contacted by one of the largest chat line operators, and they told me they were receiving a huge number of very short calls. Generally, phone cramming involves someone placing a charge on your phone tab for a […] Landline telephones were an indispensable part of our lives till the late nineties.

Since The Chatline Guide is one of their largest exposure avenues, they wanted to check if I knew anything about this. Although its value has now been reduced to that of an obsolete object, at that point of time, it had an entirely different appeal.

It was not merely an object back then, but rather an artifact that elevated our emotions and compelled […] Kiss and Not Tell” by La Roux 2014 Reminding us, to an upbeat calypso rhythm, that discretion is the better part of valor, La Roux’s Kiss and Not Tell recognizes that we will put up with a lot for love even when we know that the relationship’s shelf life is destined to expire once the […] In the music video for her latest song “Kiss and not Tell”, La Roux’s reminds us of 1980’s style late night sex chat lines commercials of the 1980’s and 90’s.

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