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We kept in touch via telephone but a month or so later she broke off the relationship. Sarah made it clear that there would be no reconciliation and that it would be best that if we made a clean break--no ongoing contact, etc. I heard through a friend-of-a-friend that she was dating someone at nearby Big State University.

I ran into her once briefly at the campus bookstore. She lives in Dallas and has at least one child, and it appears that shes been a stay at home mom for the past few years after having a career of her own.

It was awkward and uncomfortable--little was said and, as it turns out, it would be the last time I ever saw her. The supposed prescription for getting past a break up--focusing your attention and energies on something else, meeting some one new, and (most of all) time, have done nothing for me.

NSDate *date XML = [df date From String:last_modified XML]; NSDate *date USERPREFS = [df date From String:last_modified USERPREFS]; NSLog(@"dates are %@ - %@", date XML, date USERPREFS); if ([date USERPREFS later Date:date XML]) { NSLog(@"we get first IF"); } NSComparison Result comparison Result = [date USERPREFS compare:date XML]; if (comparison Result == NSOrdered Ascending) { // case where date USERPREFS is before date XML } else if (comparison Result == NSOrdered Same) { // both dates are the same } else if (comparison Result == NSOrdered Descending) { // this could have just been a plain else; date USERPrefs after date XML } In the documentation, Apple says that later Date returns the later of the two dates, not a BOOL statement.

I'd do the following: subtract one date from the other and check if the value is more or less than zero.

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