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My interest in Satanism slowly developed during my Sophomore year (1985-86).

It was in part a side effect of my keen interest in Heavy Metal.

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The first was Anton La Veys Satanic Bible, which appealed to me as a taboo book.

I loved his devils advocate style that ridiculed the Christianity that I had abandoned.

I remember being particularly impressed with his take on the seven deadly sins. I had been an avid reader of Lovecraft for many years at this point, so the subject served as a bridge to the other two.

After three years of public middle school, I had decided to go to Bellarmine Prep, a private school, for my high school education.

The classes and teachers were first rate, but there was a significant downside to the Bellarmine experience: it was a Jesuit school, and religion played a significant part in student life.

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