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Heres some terms we commonly use in Big Brother if your new to the game and what to know what the fuck is going on these Big Brother Terms and Acronyms will help you figure it out. After Dark shows what goes on in the Big Brother house in California from pm to Midnight. After Dark shows footage from the 24/7 internet live feeds giving the viewers one camera to watch the houguests in a unscripted uncensored environment.

After Dark starting with Big Brother 8, at first it was a time when the hosueguests were given alcohol and generaly encouraged to let loose thus paving the way for more Big Brother Live Feeds However over the course of Big Brother 12 it was noticed that the Hosueguests would deliver a more sanitized show for the after dark viewers.

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They were most likley pressured by CBS to not reveal too much of the games stratgety as to canabilize the TV broadcast ratings.

This was a huge trend during BB12 and hopefully will be reversed for BIG BROTHER 13.

Allison Grodner in a interview stated that the 9-12 time slot was the most entertaining saying “That’s prime time for the Big Brother house.

It’s when our House Guests are most wide awake and having fun, talking about strategy and playing the game.

People are going to see quite a bit.” In my experience this is far from the truth.

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