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Although we do have members of all age groups that join and come out to our events. We are a non-traditional Singles meetup group for people in their mid 20's through late 50's.

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If you've already tried internet dating and perhaps other meetup groups, here's a new opportunity for meeting new people.

Even if you just want to make new friends of the opposite sex, this group is the way to go! We strive to have non-intimidating, comfortable social events after work and on the weekends. Its about meeting new people and making new friends and possibly even meeting a perspective boyfriend or girlfriend in a safe environment. Mike & Erica Events Planners/Organizers A few rules and comments: If you join this group and do not attend meetups for a very long period of time (like a year or more) or continue to RSVP and do not cancel and do not show up, you will eventually be removed. There is no point in wasting your time or ours if you're not into the group through. Members will have the opportunity to sign up for these meetups.

So,why spend the weekend sitting at home alone when you could be hanging out with a bunch of fun loving singles from the area? Its OK to change your mind and UN-RSVP before the meetup at any time. If we are not doing the kinds of meetups you would like to see, please suggest meetups!

People who continue to "No Show" regularly though, will eventually be removed.

Please be accountable to the events that you say that you will attend.

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