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Sometimes he carries kids and trees AT THE SAME TIME because he is so Ford Tough. Most importantly, you need to remember that he hearts you very much.

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Over elk onderwerp kan eigenlijk wel een startpagina worden gemaakt.

Daarnaast kun je een hoop geld verdienen met het beheren van meerdere startpagina's.

In het beheerdersgedeelte vind je allemaal tips over hoe je je startpagina het beste kan promoten.

We at Wonkette are serious journalists, so we like to stay on top of when there is a hot guy.

We have done deep analysis time and again on how hot Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is, especially when he’s man-flirting with our President Obama, and now it is time to file a new report in our sure-to-be-Pulitzer-winning series “Guys Wonkette Is DTF.” Meet Dagur Bergþóruson Eggertsson, mayor of Reykjavik, Iceland. We don’t know if they give each other nicknames like “Big D” in Iceland, but we think it’s appropriate, as you will soon find out. According to Wikipedia, he is “formally educated as a physician, but also has a master’s degree in Human Rights and International Law from the University Of Lund in Sweden.” UH OH, so he is handsome AND smart! Sometimes he has face hair and other times he does not, depending on what you are in the mood to gaze upon at any given time. This is NOT your new boyfriend, if you did not know that already!

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