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that harp back to his theatrical beginnings, his new musical offering will show a more grown-up side to Matthew. Online sat down with the actor/singer/dancer to chat all things , it never felt as authentic. I mean, the show is called , but she brought even more glee! It's funny – you date your whole life and you definitely know what you want and what you don't want from going through the ringer, but Renee is definitely the one.

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We had so much fun doing the show and we still maintain a great friendship out of that. But the way they filmed it, it was actually a room that rotated and it never stayed still.

I love her, she is just infectious; I love her energy.

It was definitely one of those things – she walked into the room and she took my breath away, she's gorgeous.

I think there is nothing more romantic than going on a horseback ride with the person you love and just enjoying the beautiful animals and scenery.

I mean, if that's what people think about you, then that's great. Obviously you want to have fans, so you can have a career and make music, and hope people will like your music.

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