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In 1939 some Simplicity patterns were offered with printed pieces, They had a gray bar down the side saying that it was a printed pattern. The price of printed piece patterns increased to 25 cents while the unprinted patterns remained at 15 cents.In 1940 they began to date the pattern envelope on the bottom front and later in the 1940s the date went to the back side of the instruction sheet.In 1941 the envelope changed again and the printed pattern logo went from a gray bar to a black one with yellow printing.

In 1944 the printed patterns typeface changed again . Later that year the price jumped to 25 cents for both kinds of patterns. If you have, please take the time to vote for the guide.

In 1949 Simplicity added a designer large format envelope (about 8 x 10)and these were really lovely designs and more expensive than the smaller envelope designs 1951 brought the addition of a double black bar above the price . I have used up my limit of pictures but the envelope with the fine red line about one inch in from the left side began in 1957... If you have any questions not answered in the guide or suggestions for other guides (I love writing them!

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Simplicity began selling patterns in 1927 and continues to sell patterns today.

Joseph Shapiro formed Simplicity because he wanted to make affordable patterns and his were only 15 cents rather than the others of the day which ran 35 cents to $2.00.

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