Podcasts not updating itunes for windows

Listening to ones favorite podcasts may not be the best option for most people.

The reasons why vary from the software interacting poorly with users’ computers to many simply not liking the i Tunes interface.

podcasts not updating itunes for windows-27

SEE ALSO: 6 Ways to Transfer Music to Your i Phone or i Pad Without Using i Tunes RSS, meaning “Really Simple Syndication,” is one of the original ways people have listened to podcasts without i Tunes.

All this does is collect links to a podcast’s latest episode and puts it into an inbox.

Many people used to use Google Reader for this service, but it was sadly discontinued in July.

The good news is that there are several impressive Google Reader alternatives. To subscribe to the RSS feed of a podcast, first make sure you sign in to one of these RSS Readers.

Then with the reader open, paste the URL of the site with the podcast you want to follow into the “Add” or Subscribe field.

Last modified 27-Sep-2015 07:43