Quake4 friends list not updating

Hello My FIFA 15 after launch if i go to the "online friendlies" and try to see the list it's not updated and will not let me invite friends who are online on Fifa playing or in the menus.

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But even i have a new season with that inviting friend after 1st match, when i try to go there to invite it enters the game but it will not send the invite. I host the game he joins and on the Loading screen he gets a message that the Connection has been lost. I just want to be able to play online with my buds. No solution from EA till now, and buy the looks of their wallets with UT cash coin point i bet it will not be resolved.....

Still, more than 24h have past and still no official answer.

I want a refund for my game / money / time / patience !!!!!!!!!!!!! The only way I can get into the game is if I am already in the friends hub of the game type, and if I accept it as soon as the Xbox tells me the invite has been sent my way.

If I delay then there is no way to find the invite.

This shouldn't be a problem, as FIFA surely would not have changed this setting from 12, 13 and 14...

Last modified 23-Mar-2016 23:08