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So I know this sounds a bit ridiculous and can be pretty shocking for most, but for me this was a reality during parts of my pregnancy.

Pregnancy is broken up into three trimesters and while everybody is completely different, for me I felt fantastic during my second trimester. On my down time I was going to yoga every single night to help my body prepare for the pregnancy and to help me relax. But, when I hit my second trimester I started feeling great and the morning sickness subsided. First of all I couldn’t drink, and typically a first date for me would include a glass of wine or something casual like happy hour.

First trimester I was SO sick and unbelievably tired. I looked great, I felt great, and I was single.sure, why shouldn’t I go on a few dates and see if I can find “MR. Secondly I found my priorities had completely changed.

All of a sudden my standards are way higher than normal because now, I not only have to find my Mr.

Right, but I also have to find a good father figure, a family man, somebody I can trust to be around my child.

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