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He also formed a part-time band, Down'n'Outz, and they recorded an album and played a few dates.

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"We tested out plenty of different formulae before settling on this.

It's only available in bottles at the moment, but we're hoping to get it out on draught." While most of the members of Def Leppard moved to Dublin in the early Eighties for tax reasons, Elliott no longer has any tax benefits for staying but does so because he loves the country and has made friends here, such as Denis Desmond, nightclub king Robbie Fox, pop guru Louis Walsh, kebab king Graeme Beere, restaurateur May Frisbee, the Doody sisters and music man Paddy Freeney.

But work in America and beyond is once again beckoning for Def Leppard, who have sold 65 million albums to date.

Elliott, who previously claimed he had no interest in becoming a father, even took the unprecedented step of organising a year's sabbatical for the rock band that spends most of its time on the road so he could stay at home in Co Dublin with his American wife Christine and their son who is now 15-months-old.

And the heavy metal rocker, whose band's hits include Animal and Pour Some Sugar On Me, admits he is relishing life as a father which is a million miles away from playing to stadiums packed with adoring fans across the world.

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