Ukraine online webcam chat - Romi klinger dating dusty ray

She’s currently one of the faces of Sharpe Suiting, a queer-owned company that creates custom suits for genderqueer and androgynous people.

Follow Claire: @clairecampbellmosley Claire was also dating Vivian while on the show, a model who stayed in New York while Claire headed out west.

Vivian is now co-owner of Wu Designs which creates avante-garde styles.

Follow Vivian: @viviwuwu Whitney’s ex Rachel came out to LA for Season 2 but has since moved to Miami Beach, working as a master stylist at a salon.

Originally introduced as one of Whitney’s conquests in Season 1, Romi was upped to regular castmate for Season 2.

Although she broke up with girlfriend Kelsey for ex-boyfriend Dusty Ray, who she ended up marrying in Las Vegas at the end of Season 3, the two have been seeing each other on and off since the series’ end.“It’s been a really rough year after my separation with Dusty, my husband,” Romi said.

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