Rush limbaugh dating cnn anchor

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The most recent vulgarity came from CNN national correspondent Susan Candiotti Sunday during a report on the shooting spree in Tulsa, Oklahoma (video follows with transcript and commentary, serious vulgarity warning): FREDRICKA WHITFIELD, ANCHOR: All right, disturbing new developments surfacing in just the last few hours concerning the shooting spree in Tulsa, Oklahoma. So, what you have you learned about the suspects and what was going on in their lives?

Two men are now under arrest for the shootings of five African-American men. Both suspects are white and today Tulsa authorities are sorting through the suspect's Facebook pages, where they are finding racist comments and a personal anniversary. SUSAN CANDIOTTI, CNN NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Fredricka, some very interesting, and as you indicated, disturbing information about his background.

Family and friends of one of the two suspects in this case, 19-year- old Jacob England, tells us that he has been undergoing psychiatric counseling and taking medications ever since his father was murdered, was killed, almost two years ago to the day of these shootings that happened here in Tulsa.

We understand, CNN has learned from police and according to documents as well, and from relatives, that a couple of years ago, England's father was responding to his daughter, who was asking for help when her house was being broken into. England's father was not armed, but the other man was. That man, evidently, according to court documents that we have found, indicate that he was not prosecuted for that crime.

He went after the suspect in this case, he, the father. Now, this, according to relatives, has troubled him ever since and CNN has also discovered what police have.

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