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work gloves, but also thinner cotton gloves when not working.Kai gives her above-the-elbow white silk gloves with seed pearls on the hem for the ball Cyborg characteristics: “Her control panel, her synthetic hand and leg, wires that trailed from the base of her skull all the way down her spine and out to her prosthetic limbs. A small dark square in her wrist—her ID chip, the metal vertebrae along her spine, or the four metal ribs, or the synthetic tissue around her heart (two chambers made primarily of silicon mixed with bio tissue), or the metal splints along the bones in her right leg.Has a latch in the back of her head that opens, revealing control panel beside brain (no brain tissue can be seen behind it).

Can’t cry because tear ducts replaced with prosthetic eyes. Left leg to mid-thigh (calf includes hollow compartment), left ankle attached via screws and red and yellow (and multicolored) wires; left hand to wrist.

New limbs (beginning at end of book one): new hand and foot. KAI (KAITO, CROWN PRINCE OF THE EASTERN COMMONWEALTH) Birth date/place: New Beijing, Eastern Commonwealth; 7 April 108 T.

Plated with 100% titanium, fingers include: flashlight, stiletto knife, projectile gun, screwdriver, universal connector cable. Mannerisms: She has a nervous tick of fiddling with the hems of her gloves to make sure her metal hand is always covered. E.; Aries Age: 18 Race: Earthen/Asian Eye color: copper-brown Hair color/style: shaggy, straight black hair worn past ears, slicked back for formal occasions Build: 5’11”, slender/borderline lanky Style of dress: Suits and dress-shirts, although would rather be in jeans and Ts. For formal occasions, traditional mandarin-style silk shirts with fine embroidery and embellishments. Physical characteristics: Handsome with angled, sharp facial features and “admirable” lips, smells faintly of soap Mannerisms: Scratches at neck and ear when tongue-tied; ears turn red first when he blushes; quick to smile (looks for the humor in everything); yanks hand through hair when overwhelmed. SCARLET BENOIT Birth date/place: Rieux, France, European Federation, 17 August 108 T.

I’ve been getting lots of questions lately about what my characters look like—even down to specifics, like how tall they are.

For ease of use and to encourage all ye fanartists (and maybe inspire some of you for the Design a Sticker contest!

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