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This incredulous claim is always a case of semantics.“You mean you don’t want to show a pic,” I reply. You have a pic.” Needless to say, we didn’t hook up.

It’s shocking how many times I’ll still hear this hogwash from people chatting on fucking smartphones that have goddamned built-in cameras. There are people online in Third World countries with photos. I can understand and respect your being too discreet about showing your photo, but that’s a pretty obvious lie, and I don’t take well to the disingenuous.

Back in the early online hookup/dating days—you know, the 1990s, when people met in AOL chatrooms—some folks genuinely didn’t have photos.

It was only a matter of time before the rule “no pic, no meet” became standard practice.

I certainly established that “no pic” rule after one (okay, a dozen) too many folks proved to look quite different from what they claimed.

Circa 1995, I was chatting with “Pete,” a “19-year-old college student” who lived at home.

“I don’t meet guys without photos,” I insisted, to no avail.

He didn’t have a pic, and was reluctant to meet—he was shy, inexperienced, would have to sneak by his parents.

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