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(CN) — A deposed CEO can press his case that he told his female predecessor a story about milking "goat teats" in a cheese-making class, but never used "the word tits," whether about "women, goats or anything else," the Oregon Court of Appeals ruled.

John Plotkin became chief executive officer of State Accident Insurance Fund Corp., which provides workers' compensation insurance, in February 2014. (CN) — A Nebraska woman was properly awarded more than 0,000 in damages after the city of Lincoln wrongfully accused her of using a stolen credit card, the state's highest court ruled. was 14 years old when she ran track for the Bethel Junior High School track team, which shared the track with the high school team in 2007. However, nobody at the track knew Clark was a registered sex offender who had previously assaulted another girl who was the same age as N. (CN) — A Ron Paul supporter should not have been forced to remove a campaign sign from the side of a highway, a Texas appeals court ruled, based on Supreme Court precedent.

Shayla Funk sued the city and Lincoln-Lancaster Crime Stoppers Inc. " (CN) — A teen who was sexually assaulted can sue her school district after being lured off campus by a student who was a registered sex offender, a narrowly divided Washington Supreme Court ruled. In the summer of 2011, Auspro Enterprises LP placed a sign on its property touting Paul's 2012 presidential campaign.

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"This young lady doesn't look like your typical crook, but she is! Five days later, the Texas Department of Transportation sent Auspro a letter stating that the sign was illegal due to the lack of a permit for it.

(CN) — Affirming the conviction of an 11-year-old boy for shooting to death his eight-months-pregnant future step-mom, a Pennsylvania appeals court told how the child calmly boarded his school bus after the murder.

Though the Pennsylvania Superior Court abbreviated the names of the killer and his victim in its Sept.

1 ruling, the details of the case align with the Feb. Houk was eight months pregnant and living in Wampum, Pa., with her fiance, Jim Brown; Brown's 11-year-old Jordan, and Houk's two children, ages 4 and 7.

(CN) — The family of a mentally ill man who died after two shot-gun shots claims in court that an Ohio police department acted with deliberate indifference to his medical needs.

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