No sign up cam girl - Spike jonze dating michelle williams

Williams, however, is not quite ready to jump into troubled waters again (their previous love match was her first serious relationship since Heath Ledger's death)."He's promised that he's a changed man who is ready for a commitment," the source says, "but Michelle has told him to prove himself before she can trust him again." Williams may be wise to wait; she also has the emotions of her daughter, five-year-old Matilda, to consider.

It remains to be seen if there is a future for Michelle Williams and Spike Jonze, and if the director will once again find his supper waiting for him, still hot.

Reports are surfacing that director Spike Jonze is in a desperate bid to get back his ex, actress Michelle Williams.

The two broke up 18 months ago after dating for just under a year, and the breakup reportedly left the actress and single mum heartbroken.

The strange thing is that Jonze is apparently still in a relationship with Oscar-nominated, Japanese actress Rinko Kikuchi.

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