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To give Cleveland a gang of guys to play off of, like he had on "Family Guy," "The Cleveland Show" is populated with three friends for Cleveland: the redneck Lester (Richardson again), short neighbor Holt (Jason Sudeikis) and a pair of talking bears with scrambled accents, Tim (Seth Mac Farlane, also the show's co-creator) and his wife Arianna (Arianna Huffington). "He's just a full, pretty well-rounded character with heart." Producers want "Cleveland" to stand on its own, but there will be crossovers with "Family Guy" and Mac Farlane's third Fox series, "American Dad," when appropriate."The theory is that in this alternate parallel cartoon universe, Quahog and Langley [on 'American Dad'] and Stoolbend all exist in the same universe," Mac Farlane said.

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Long-gestating as a spin-off of "Family Guy," Fox's "The Cleveland Show" arrives tonight and proves to be just as rude-crude as its progenitor.

But there is a key difference: "The Cleveland Show" ( tonight, WPGH) has more warmth that flows from its gentle title character, Cleveland Brown (voice of Mike Henry, also the show's co-creator).

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